1. Single 9-block
  2. Thirty-two 9-blocks
  3. Template for 3zees
  4. Sample Distribution
  5. Guide to Sample Stalagmite Model

Netlogo Models

  1. 9 Blocks
  2. Sample Stalagmite
  3. Sampler
  4. Sampler client


  1. Ways of Counting
  2. Tree Counting
  3. Binary Counting
  4. Concatenation
  5. Two Square Concatenation
  6. Other Concatenations
  7. Quantity Groups
  8. Independent Events
  9. Dependent Events
  10. Calculating Probability
  11. Counting Reconsidered
  12. Probabiliy Formula
  13. Independent Events Formula
  14. Apply Independent Events Formula
  15. Stalagmite Riddle

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Dependent Events

Suppose we have five blue pairs of socks and five black pairs of socks in a drawer.  We pull out one pair, which may be blue or black, so now there are nine pairs of socks left in the drawer.  What is the probability that the second pair of socks will be black?

The answer to this question is--it depends.  If the first pair we pulled out is black, then the drawer is left with four black pairs out of nine, so the odds of pulling black socks the second time is 4/9.  If the first pair we pulled out of the drawer is blue, then there are still five pairs of black socks left, so the probability of pulling blacks socks on the second draw is 5/9.

The second draw of socks is a dependent event.  It depends on what happened on the first draw.