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Adding .java files to an existing project

Unit Testing in BlueJ

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Objects First With Java - A Practical Introduction using BlueJ

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Unit 4. Class definitions (part III)

In this unit, we discuss (1) How to use if statements to improve the performance of the TicketMachine, (2) How to use local variables to improve the performance of the TicketMachine, and (3) Review class definition, variables, methods, conditionals.

Java Honors: If Statements (Exercises 2.46-2.57)

Java Honors: Local Variables

Java Honors: Review

BlueJ: Introduction to Using the Unit Testing Tools, Jennifer Kay

Tracing an object example in BlueJ (showing object diagrams), Jennifer Kay

BlueJ Introduction to tracing code, Jennifer Kay

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Chapter 2, sections 2.12 - 2.23


Chapter 2 exercises 2.46 - 2.93