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Adding .java files to an existing project

Unit Testing in BlueJ

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Objects First With Java - A Practical Introduction using BlueJ

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Unit 3. Class definitions (part II): fields, constructors, methods

In the last unit, we looked at the outer wrapper of the class definition--the class header and the curly braces that surround the inner details. In the videos below we look at what's inside the wrapper--the fields, constructors and methods that make up the guts of a class.

Java Honors: Overview of Fields, Constructors and Methods

Java Honors: A Closer Look at Methods

Java Honors: Accessors and Mutators (Exercises 2.23-2.35)

Java Honors: Can You Find the Errors?

Java Honors: A Closer Look at printTicket() (Exercises 2.36-2.45)

Java Honors: A Closer Look at printTicket() (Addendum)


Chapter 2, sections 2.4 - 2.11


Chapter 2 exercises 2.10-2.45