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Adding .java files to an existing project

Unit Testing in BlueJ

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Objects First With Java - A Practical Introduction using BlueJ

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Unit 1. Classes and Objects

As you watch these videos, keep a lookout for these fundamental concepts:

  • object
  • class
  • method
  • parameter
  • data type

Note: These demos use an older version of the Objects First projects. The shapes project is now called the figures project and the picture project is now called the house project. --TJ

BlueJ: First Example from Barnes & Kolling Book (Windows), Jennifer Kay

BlueJ: First Example (Mac OSX), Jennifer Kay

Objects 1st w BlueJ Chapter 1 example: editing bluej code, Jennifer Kay


Chapter 1


These assignments also appear on the Northwestern web site. They are repeated here for your convenience.

  • Complete this Interest Survey and return it to your instructor. This is an ungraded assignment.
  • Download and install BlueJ. You will need to read the information on the BlueJ download page to make sure you have an appropriate version of Java.
  • Download the software that goes with the book.
  • Put the downloaded projects folder someplace reasonable (e.g., in your Documents folder on a mac or My Documents folder on a PC) so you can find it later.
  • Figure out how to open the Chapter 1 projects in BlueJ
  • Complete the exercises in Chapter 1 (exercises 1.1-1.36). You don't need to send in these exercises unless you have questions about them. However, completing all the exercises is critical for success in exams.