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Adding .java files to an existing project

Unit Testing in BlueJ

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Objects First With Java - A Practical Introduction using BlueJ

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The following schedule is intended to help you work through the course material at an appropriate pace, manage your time effectively, and complete the course in a 9-week timeframe.

JAVA HONORS CALENDAR - Accelerated Summer Option



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Week 1

Orientation to Online Learning. Classes and Objects

Welcome to Gifted LearningLinks Activities


Installation and Orientation to BlueJ and Submission of Homework. Watch Unit 1 videos. Read Chapter 1. Do Exercises 1.1-1.36.


Introductions, questions or answers regarding BlueJ installation and submission of homework. 

Interest survey, practice submission of figures project

Week 2

Class definitions  

  Watch Unit 2 video. Read 2.1-2.3. Do Exercises 2.1-2.9. Watch Unit 3 videos. Read 2.4-2.11. Do Exercises 2.10-2.45. Watch Unit 4 videos. Read 2.12-2.23. Exercises 2.46-2.82.

  questions and comments

Week 3

Object structures and Object interactions

Watch Unit 5 videos. Read 3.1-3.83. Do Exercises 3.1-3.22. Watch Unit 6 videos. Read 3.84-3.15. Do Exercises 3.23-3.46

  questions and comments

Week 4

Collections and for-each loop

Watch Unit 7 videos. Read 4.1-4.8. Do Exercises 4.1-4.17. Watch Unit 8 video. Read 4.9. Do Exercises 4.18-4.28.

  questions and comments


Week 5

while loop, Iterators, arrays and for loop

Watch Unit 9 video. Read 4.10-4.11. Do Exercises 4.29-4.38. Watch Unit 10 videos. Read 4.12-4.15. Do Exercises 4.39-4.60. Watch Unit 11 videos. Read 4.16-4.17

  questions and comments


Week 6

Library classes

Read 5.1-5.5. Do Exercises 5.1-5.22. Read 5.6-5.14. Do Exercises 5.23-5.73

  questions and comments

Week 7

Class design and refactoring

  Read Chapter 6. Do Exercises 6.1-6.56

  questions and comments


Week 8


Watch STREAM video. Do STREAM exercises.

  questions and comments


Week 9


Read Chapter 7. Do Exercises 7.1-7.37

  questions and comments