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Intro to Java Programming: Building & Enhancing Games

  • For students in grades 4-5
  • Course Description: Learn about the Java programming language and object orientation through the use of Greenfoot, a complete, interactive Java-based development environment. As you build your own games, explore basic programming concepts and learn to write in real code. Enhance your games with images and sounds.

  • Essential Questions:
    1. What is the value of a common coding language?
    2. What aspects of the Java programming language make it understandable to computers?
    3. What aspects of the Java programming language make it understandable to humans?
  • Learning Outcomes: During the course, students will:
    1. Apply Java programming to create games, simulations, and applications.
    2. Identify class, fields and methods in a class definition.
    3. Identify class, fields and methods in a class definition.
    4. Integrate technical information expressed in words with a version of that information expressed visually.
  • Course Dates: Sept. 30, 2017 to Nov. 18, 2017
  • Location: Evanston, IL
  • Weekend Enrichment Program Instruction & Assessment

    During Saturday and Sunday enrichment courses, students spend the majority of in-class time interacting with peers and engaging in hands-on learning activities that teach concepts and communication skills. Instructors use a variety of formative assessment practices to ensure student growth and understanding. Activities and student products are differentiated to the needs and interests of the class and each child. Students will have choice in projects and ways they demonstrate their growth to the instructor. At the end of the session, each course will host a short, 15-minute Expo where families are invited into the classroom for their own active learning.

Things You Might Want to Bring to Class

  • Headphones will be provided each Saturday, but you might prefer to use your own.
  • Flash drives are used by many students to save their work. You can also email your projects to yourself.
  • Notebook and pencil or pen can be used to take notes as you watch the Joy of Code videos.

Additional Resources for Families to Explore Together at Home

  • Michael Kölling's Joy of Code blog.
  • Codecademy's Java Lessons.
  • Students might also enjoy this book: Kölling,Michael. Introduction to Java Programming with Greenfoot. ISBN 9780136037538.(optional).

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