Elementary Activities

  1. Turns & Sectors
  2. Circular Reasoning
  3. Angles
  4. Rational Numbers in Geometry
  5. Introduction to Algebra with Logo
  6. Probability and Statistics with NetLogo
  7. Bits and Blocks

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This section of my web site is set up like a Montessori classroom, where work is arranged on shelves for you to pick out. There are five shelves:

  1. Turns & Sectors A new way of looking at turtles and shapes
  2. Circular Reasoning Free software for illustrating geometric ideas and doing design work
  3. Angles Naming and measuring angles
  4. Rational Numbers in Geometry See how fractions and proportions are used to expand or shrink geometric figures
  5. Bits and Blocks Programming tips and demos from a Logo summer camp I give at Northwestern