Literature Review

  1. Context
  2. Designing Montessori
  3. Influences
  4. Educational Software
  5. Arguments Against
  6. Answers to Objections
  7. A Good Quote
  8. Bibliography
  9. Resources


  1. Design Problem
  2. Literature Review
  3. Work Models
  4. Design Patterns
  5. Design Experiments
  6. Lesson Ideas
  7. Montessori Computes
  8. Thinking About Circles

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Patterns and Design


Designing Montessori

"...At the beginning of [Montessori's] career as an educator, there was no field called 'child development.'  Hall had initiated the American child study movement, and such pioneers as Freud and Watson were beginning to build their theories; but the ideas that dominate the field today had not yet been expressed.  Montessori's work preceded them; in fact, Piaget made his first formal observations in a Montessori school, and Erikson's only formal educational credential was a Montessori teaching certificate." (Turner, 1992, p. 25). 

So how did Montessori develop her approach?  What were the influences on her work?

What do Montessorians consider to be solved problems in the area of design?  What still needs to be done?