Literature Review

  1. Context
  2. Designing Montessori
  3. Influences
  4. Educational Software
  5. Arguments Against
  6. Answers to Objections
  7. A Good Quote
  8. Bibliography
  9. Resources


  1. Design Problem
  2. Literature Review
  3. Work Models
  4. Design Patterns
  5. Design Experiments
  6. Lesson Ideas
  7. Montessori Computes
  8. Thinking About Circles

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Patterns and Design


Answers to Objections

  • The fact that the Montessori method is relatively uncommon does not argue anything about its value.  The cure for scurvy wasn't adopted until nearly three hundred years after its effectiveness was clearly demonstrated.  Widespread adoption could have saved thousands of lives (Franklin, 2003, p. 23).  However, many developers will naturally consider the effect of the Montessori name on adoption of their software.  Are there any stats on general public opinion of the Montessori method?
  • Although a minority of US schools are Montessori schools, it would probably be hard to argue that there is a more widespread, cohesive educational system, or one that has been implemented over a longer period of time.