1. Angles and Fraction Circles
  2. Angles and Twelfths
  3. Angles and Clock
  4. Fraction Circles and Clock
  5. Angles and Protractor
  6. Supplementary Angles Add Up to 180
  7. Half Circle Protractor
  8. Measure Supplementary Angles
  9. How to Name Angles
  10. Supplementary Angle Puzzles
  11. Connect the Dots: Angles
  12. Complementary Angle Puzzles
  13. Angle Bisector Puzzles
  14. Vertical Angle Puzzles
  15. Triangle Tiling
  16. Guess the Angle

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Welcome to the Angles Shelf!

An angle is a figure made by extending the straight sides of a sector away from the corner where they meet. The lines are supposed to go on forever, but we can't actually draw lines that long, so we just stop where we like and imagine the lines going on forever.

The sides of the sector are part of the angle, but the rest of the sector is not part of the angle. Still, we often draw a small sector as part of the picture of an angle.

Here are pictures of some angles:

On this shelf, you can find work for comparing angles with sectors and turns. You will also learn to sort angles, to name particular angles, to measure angles, and to use angle relationships to figure out angle measurements.