Turns and Sectors

  1. Simon Says
  2. Compass Game
  3. Polygon Sweep
  4. Polygon Walk and Turn
  5. Drawn and Filled Paths
  6. Seeing External Angles
  7. Supplementary Angles
  8. Angles of a Triangle
  9. Angles of a Hexagon
  10. Polygon Connect the Dots
  11. Draw with 1/6 and 1/3

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Welcome to Turns and Sectors!

A sector is a shape like a piece of a fraction circle. You might have fun printing out some sectors of your own that you can cut out and arrange:

  1. Yellow Sectors
  2. Red Sectors
  3. Blue Sectors
  4. Green Sectors

I suggest working with the cut-out colored sectors one color at a time in the order above before mixing and matching sectors of different colors.

Turns are like the turns you make when you are walking a line that has corners. What does a sector have to do with turning a corner? Try the activities listed on the left and find out!