Work Models

  1. Flow Model
  2. Sequence Model
  3. Artifact Model
  4. Cultural Model
  5. Physical Model
  6. Metaphors


  1. Design Problem
  2. Literature Review
  3. Work Models
  4. Design Patterns
  5. Design Experiments
  6. Lesson Ideas
  7. Montessori Computes
  8. Thinking About Circles

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Patterns and Design



After further ethnographic study, I plan to give step-by-step descriptions here of:

  • Preparation of the environment
  • Child and teacher initiated activity, children working alone, in pairs, or in groups with a range of activities
  • Teacher interventions.

These descriptions will help uncover patterns of use of materials and classroom layout.  According to Montessori, "the work of education is divided between the teacher and the environment." (Discovery of the Child, Clio Press, 1988, reprinted 1996 edition, p. 152).  Analysis of steps in tasks mentioned above will show how that division of labor plays out in particular classrooms, which will have implications for software designs.