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Java Programming

  • For students in grades 6-8
  • Course Description:
    • Learn about the Java programming language andobject orientation through the use of Greenfoot, a complete interactivedevelopment environment. As you build your own games, explore basicJava programming concepts and learn to write in real Java code. Enhanceyour games with images and sounds.
    • Practice core programming skills with onlinecoding problems that give immediate feedback.
    • Learn key concepts through a case study used inAP Computer Science courses called GridWorld. GridWorld is a large bodyof code that you will study, modify, and extend throughout the session.
  • Essential Questions:
    1. What is the value of a common coding language?
    2. How do your write a Java program?
    3. How do you control the flow of a Java program?
    4. How can arrays be used in a Java program?
    5. How do you create a class in Java?
    6. How is inheritance used in Java?
  • Outcomes: Uponsuccessful completion of this course, students will:
    1. Apply Java programming to formulate games.
    2. Demonstrate the use of Java code.
    3. Identify class, fields and methods in a classdefinition.
    4. Correctly use classes and methods by reference todocumentation orclass and method declarations.
    5. Extend a class using inheritance.
  • Course Dates: Oct. 5,2013--Nov. 23, 2013 Morning session
  • Location: Evanston, IL
  • Requirements: SubjectArea: Technology. Qualifying Score: Reading or Math.

Things You Might Want to Bring to Class

  • Headphones will beprovided each Saturday, but you might prefer to use your own.
  • Flash drives are used bymany students to save their work. You can also email your projects toyourself.
  • Notebook and pencil or pencan be used to take notes as you watch the Joy of Code videos.


  • The main reference for this course will be MichaelKölling's Joy of Code blog. You can use this site at home forinformation on how to download and install Greenfoot, to catch up onany lessons you missed, or to peek ahead at upcoming lessons.
  • Another important resource for learning andreinforcing some key Java programming ideas is CodingBat/Java.
  • Students will also have the opportunity to learnabout the GridWorld Case Study, whichappears on the AP Computer Science Exam.
  • There are more lessons and lots of sample projects onthe Greenfootweb site
  • Students might also enjoy this book: Kölling,Michael. Introductionto Java Programming with Greenfoot. ISBN 9780136037538.(optional).