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Quiz Reviews from Computer Gaming Academy I

How do I...

  • ...create a scenario?
  • ...set up a world?
  • ...make backgrounds?
  • ...make things move? 1 2
  • ...react to mouse input?
  • ...shoot?
  • ...create explosions? 1 2 3 4 5
  • ...create a smoke effect? 1 2 3
  • ...share my scenario?
  • ...display text? 1 2
  • running and jumping? 1 2
  • ...make a ball game?
  • ...add a timer?
  • ...create a text Actor?
  • ...resize an image with Preview?
  • make a quiz?
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    Computer Gaming Academy II

    • For students in grades 5-6
    • Course Description: Students take computer programming skills to the next level, creating an original videogame to share with friends. Young programmers explore and implement the Java graphic application, Greenfoot. They create original characters and effects while embracing the challenge of game development. This class provides an opportunity to build upon the digital media skills introduced in Computer Gaming Academy I and covers essential cumulative elements of a game. This course provides further lessons in core Java concepts while providing additional opportunities for open-ended projects.
    • Essential Questions:
      1. What makes some computer games better than others?
      2. What is a class? What is an object? How are classes and objects used to write program in Java?
      3. How do we use instance variables store information in Java objects and classes? What kind of information can we store?
      4. How do we use methods to assign behaviors to objects and classes in Java?
      5. How do we debug a Java program?
    • Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students will:
      1. Modify and extend a version of an old game using new skills and tools.
      2. Participate in peer review and collaborative game design.
      3. Use a systematic approach to design and problem-solving.
      4. Read, understand and reuse code written by others.
      5. Understand inheritance and its use.
      6. Reference online documentation of system and Greenfoot libraries in order to make better use of those libraries.
    • Course Dates: April 13, 2013--May 18, 2013 Morning session
    • Location: Evanston, IL
    • Requirements: Subject Area: Technology. Qualifying Score: Reading or Math.

    Things You Might Want to Bring to Class

    • Headphones will be provided each Saturday, but you might prefer to use your own.
    • Flash drives are used by many students to save their work. You can also email your projects to yourself.
    • Notebook and pencil or pen can be used to take notes as you watch the Joy of Code videos.


    • The main reference for this course will be Michael Kölling's Joy of Code blog. You can use this site at home for information on how to download and install Greenfoot, to catch up on any lessons you missed, or to peek ahead at upcoming lessons.
    • There are more lessons and lots of sample projects on the Greenfoot web site
    • You might also enjoy this book: Kölling, Michael. Introduction to Java Programming with Greenfoot. ISBN 9780136037538. (optional).