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Adding Images

This page has a series of videos that show you how to add images to your project. By the end of the series, you'll be able to create a world with text and a working animated GIF.

Create a Scenario from Scratch

This video shows you how to make a brand new scenario and add images from the web for your World's background and your Actor.

For you background image, you can use an image from the web, an image you created with a paint program, or an image you drew with the turtle in one of the turtle exercises.

Rescaling Images

This video shows you how to resize an image to make it fit the background.

Flipbook Animation

Take a look under the hood of the FatCat scenario to see how its animations are made.

Animated GIFs

This video shows you how to make an animated GIF move in your Greenfoot world.

Add a Label and Save the World

Finish up by adding a label and setting up your actors so they will still be in the world the next time you start up the scenario.