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KGPJ Refactored Framework: Bouncy Balls Example

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KGPJ and 3D Programming

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Setting up Java3D

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3D Animation in Java

  • For students in grades 6-12
  • Course Description: Learn how to use the latest Java graphics and programming techniques to make new and complex entertaining games. From simple, but fast, full-action games to multiplayer 3D games, students gain the computational literacy needed to program in this widely-used, standard language. Using both Greenfoot IDE and Java 3D, animators develop several game projects.
  • Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students will:
    1. Know how to use logic to build a program utilizing drag and drop tools What will the students understand?
    2. Understand the different types of video games and the important key concepts that make others want to play a gameWhat will the students be able to do?
    3. Develop characters for games and program them to function as designed
    4. Learn key elements of computer programming through logical processes
    5. Be able to write a technical document with instructions how to play the game they designed and developed.
  • Course Dates: Rolling admission
  • Location: Online
  • Requirements: Prerequisite: Computer Gaming Academy II or Python at CTD

    Out of level NUMATS test score or Admission Portfolio
    6th: EXPLORE, Math >18 or Reading >= 19
    6th - 9th: SAT, Math > 540 or Reading >= 510
    6th - 9th: ACT, Math >20 or Reading >= 22
    10th - 12th: Admission Portfolio /li>

Video Lectures

I'm putting together some video lectures for this course, starting with lessons on refactoring.

Here are two videos that explain what we'll do with Killer Game Progamming in Java.


You might also need to download and set up Java3D. See Setting up Java3D.


  1. Davison, Andrew. Killer Game Programming in Java. (Required.)
  2. Kolling, Michael. Introduction to Java Programming with Greenfoot. ISBN 9780136037538. (Suggested.).
  4. Students will be required to download the free Greenfoot application which is available at Students will also need to install the Java Development Kit (JDK) and the Netbeans IDE from the Oracle Sun site:
  5. Further information concerning Java 2D from the Java Tutorials
  6. The homepage of Java 3D
  7. Download site for Java 3D
  8. Java 3D API
  9. Java 3D at
  10. Open source software for 3D modelling
  11. Free open source modelling and rendering studio written in Java
  12. A commercial 3D modelling tool
  13. 3D models in Wavefront Object Format
  14. Information concerning Java 3D, a 3D modelling tool in Java, more 3D models in Wavefront Object Format
  15. An interactive scenegraph editor for Java 3D (freeware)
  16. The homepage of OpenGL