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Online Education News

Watch this Ted Talk called What We're Learning From Online Education

What's MOOC? Read the New York Times article, Instruction for Masses Knocks Down Campus Walls. Find out which Northwestern faculty members are involved in Udemy's Faculty Project here.

Check out courses that Northwestern plans to offer online through Coursera.

Web-CAT hosts a set of automated testing and grading software and related resource to support computer science learning.

Tech Tips

Need a transparent image or animated gif? Check out this Tekzilla video.

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Hone your math or computer science skills online

I help students age 10 to adult to develop their math and computer science skills. There are two different ways you can learn from me:

1. Take a Course with me at Northwestern (grades 6-12)

I teach a number of courses for the Center for Talent Development on the campus of Northwestern University and online. Some of these courses offer high school credit. The courses I teach are shown below. See the CTD website for a complete list of courses and requirements.

2. Learn on Your Own For Free

I make my videos and resources available on this site for your learning pleasure. Poke around the course pages. There are video and interactive lessons, and lots of links to resources for learning. If you're interested in any of the course material, don't be intimidated by standardized test scores that appear in course requirements. These courses are designed for anybody who wants to invest time and effort in learning something new. Some of the courses require textbooks or software that cost money. My long term plan is to use only free resources for all of my courses.

Contact TJ Leone at or call 847-951-0127.

Current Courses

Past Courses

Ages 8 and up

Ages 12 and up

Python Programming: Games to Google

Other courses

Ages 15 and up

Geometry Resources for 6 and up

Leone Learning Systems, Inc. (LLS) is a North Shore company that provides online courses for kids anywhere and local teaching and tutoring services for students in Chicago and the Northern Suburbs of Chicagoland. LLS also provides a free geometry software package for children age 6 and up, and free resources for teachers and parents. This site includes information about tutoring and classes provided, learning activities for kids, lesson plans, and ongoing software and curriculum research and development efforts.